Here is a brief outline of the Treasurer's role...


Attend NSMBA Committee Meetings once per month (2 hours)


Pay cheques and cash into Business account as and when required (requires completion of paying in slip and a visit to the Bank) - this is no more than once per month and some months not at all (busiest time is when banking membership registrations in October/November and after County home or Championship weekends when there will be can and possibly cheques to bank from raffles and entry fees)


Maintenance and update to an accounts spreadsheet (in MS excel format) to show income and expenditure as and when necessary


Creation of a monthly accounts summary for presentation at Committee Meetings


Making online payments to pay expense claims and other items (ie ESMBA fees and hall hire fees etc), and occasionally setting up of online payments for any new recipients (which requires access to online banking)


Creation of end of year accounts (performed in March) and delivery of these to our accountant based in Daventry. The spreadsheets are sent electronically, but the paper copies of the expenses along with the paying in and cheque book need to be delivered in person.

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