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At long last I have had a positive reply from the management of the Waendal and Redwell centres. Later this week Sandra and I are meeting with the manager so that we can again play short mat bowls. This is going to be quite a complex process as we will need to be registered with the English Short Mat Bowls Association so that we can operate under a certified government safe bowling scheme. Without this we could be prosecuted so it is important that we follow exactly what is required. Everyone who intends to play will need to be personally registered so when we know what is happening you will all be contacted and asked if you wish to play. Initially we will only be allowed four people on each mat, though hopefully this will soon increase to 6.

After we have met with the management we are going to have to decide exactly how we are going to function. I don’t think it will be possible for people just to turn up and play. This will need to be arranged in advance. We will also need to find a sensible way of collecting mat fees as I don’t think anyone should be handling coins. When we know exactly where we stand either Sandra or I will contact you to let you know what the arrangements are and to discover whether you wish to play.

Keep safe!



John Broadhurst Chairman

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